There's a lot that goes into an ad campaign, including the target audience, campaign length, daily budget, creative image, messaging, etc. In talking with marketers, we've learned that it's difficult to determine both if a campaign needs to change, and if so, what specifically needs to change. 

That's why we're bringing some advanced campaign insights to you, in the form of Ad Scores, which ties in information from both Facebook and Google.

So What Goes Into Our Ad Scores?

Our Ad Scores rely on information from both Facebook and Google, who calculate their own scores based on how your ad is expected to resonate with their respective audiences. For example:

Facebook's Relevance Score is calculated based on the positive and negative feedback they expect an ad to receive from its target audience. The more positive interactions they expect (clicks, likes, etc), the higher the ad’s Relevance Score will be. The more times users hide or report an ad, the lower its score will be.

Google's Quality Score is calculated based on the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. The better a Quality Score, the more likely it will get shown, and in more preferable locations.

Both sets of scores can take a value between 1 and 10, with 10 being the highest. The score is updated over time as users interact with your ad, or as elements of your ad are modified.

You See an Ad Score...Now What?

So now that you've seen a score for your campaign, it may be time to take action. Here's some recommendations on what to do next based on your campaign scores:

8-10: You probably don't need to do a thing, unless you're a perfectionist! Your ad is resonating well with your intended audience, which means your creative looks great, your messaging is stellar, and your landing page looks good. Bask in the success of your glorious ad!

4-7: This is kind of a middle ground. Take a look at your primary ad campaign goals. Is this ad delivering to those goals? If so, you're good. If not, you should probably look at making a few changes to your ad campaign. Try changing up your creative image and messaging first. If that doesn't work, you might want to rethink your audience targeting. 

1-3: At this point you're probably not getting your true money's worth and it's time to make some real changes to your campaign. For whatever reason, your ad is just not resonating with your intended audience. At this point, start to rethink the key aspects of your campaign...audience, creative image, messaging, and landing page. One or several of these is not appealing to your audience.

Note: Ad Scores may not be available for all campaigns, depending on impression volume, campaign length, and other factors.

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