A lead ad is a specific ad format available on Facebook and Instagram that enables you to capture new email leads directly within the ad itself.

This increases the chance a potential customer will sign up since they don’t have to leave Facebook or Instagram to do so.

Lead ads are a great tool to grow an email list.

How do I use lead ads?

1. To start using lead ads, click Create Campaign, then select “Grow & message your email list” and filter by “Acquire new leads”.

2. Select your recipe. Pick which recipe you’d like to use to define your target audience for your lead ad.

3. Build your target audience. You will need to enter in what country or countries you’d like to target your lead ad. For more information on building your audience, see this article.

4. Build your lead ad creative. With lead ads, there is an additional option to change the CTA in your lead ad.

5. Submit your campaign!

6. Review your new leads. Log in to your SendGrid account and navigate to Contacts under Marketing Campaigns. Once your lead ad campaign has earned at least 1 new contact, there will be a new Contact list there called “SendGrid Ads - Lead Ad Contacts”.

7. Send your new leads a Marketing Campaigns email. We recommend reaching out to your new leads quickly so that they know you are aware of them. For example, move them to another Marketing Campaigns list so that they receive your future communication.

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