Did you know you can use SendGrid Categories to define your audience in SendGrid Ads? They are a great way to combine your Email API list with SendGrid Ads, and you can track and analyze statistics for your emails as well.

For example, you might use SendGrid Categories to track and analyze your email for the following emails:

  • Welcome series
  • Product announcements
  • Sales or promotions
  • Receipts
  • Newsletters

Once you have categories set up, you can use them to define your audience. For example, this is how you would setup a campaign that targets recipients of your newsletter who didn’t open it.

1. Select the “Didn’t Open” recipe.

2. Define with ad channels you want to advertise on, select the dates of your campaign, and then click where it says “marketing campaigns named”.

3. Select which category you want to use to target. In this case, we’ll select “Newsletter”.

4. Click “Next”, build your ad, and submit your campaign!

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