Creating a new ad campaign can be a daunting task, but SendGrid Ads is here to help. Below are a few concepts to keep in mind when creating your ad campaign.

Achieve Your Goal

The biggest determiner of a good campaign is whether it achieved your goal.

If you don’t have a goal, we highly recommend establishing one!

Your goal will drive all aspects of your campaign, from who to target, to how to speak to them, to understanding whether your campaign was successful.

Try to make your goal as specific and focused as possible. For example, it is better to make your goal “get more men aged 25-34 on my email list” versus just “get more people to sign up for my email list”.

Know Your Who

Try to understand who your target customers are. Like your goal, it is helpful to make this as specific as possible.

A great way to do this is to create a marketing persona of your customer, which is a composite of the various attributes that the majority of your customers have.

For example, let’s say that you sell gift certificates to local spas. You could begin to identify in your potential customer a combination of demographic and psychographic characteristics:


  • Female
  • Household income >$50k per year
  • Age > 25 years old


  • People who are stressed and looking for some relaxation
  • Target people who are looking for travel information, as they may just want to get away.
  • Target people who are looking at self-help information
  • People who have a sports related injury
  • Target people who are looking for exercises to help them strengthen parts of their body

Make It Relevant

Another element to judge your campaign is whether it is relevant for your customers. Approach creating your campaign with a customer-centric mindset.

Focus on why your customer would care about your message. Don’t forget about your goal, but remember that your business is a relationship between you and your customer. Make sure there is something in it for them. Avoid creating a campaign that focuses on what you want. Focus on what your customers want.

Test and Learn

A good campaign will help you understand how to be successful in the future.

Advertising should be one tool in your marketing toolbox. A good ad campaign connects and supports the other elements of your marketing plan.

Because it is relatively easy to start and pause ad campaigns, you can use your campaign to test ideas that may work for your other marketing executions.

For example, are you redesigning your website? Use display advertising to test multiple message headlines and see which ones drive the most traffic to your website. Consider using the message in the winning ad directly on your new site!

Grow Your Business

At the end of the day, a good campaign helps you grow your business. Is your campaign positively impacting your business?

If you need some help on determining that, check out our Knowledge Center article on analyzing your campaigns.

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