Email matching is the process where a list of emails gets uploaded and matched to individual people on an ad channel. This allows SendGrid Ads to target specific people for an ad campaign.

What are the minimums required for email matching?

In order to run a campaign using email matching, the ad channel needs a minimum number of emails. It is different for each ad channel. The ad channels set a minimum in order to prevent people or companies from running ad campaigns to too small of a target group.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook requires a minimum of 100 matched emails to run a campaign on Facebook or Instagram.

I am getting an error saying there aren’t enough emails that match people on an ad channel. What happened?

Even with a large list of emails, there is a possibility that there will not be enough matched emails to create a campaign. The primary reason for this is that the original list contains too many business email addresses versus personal email addresses.

How are the emails sent to an ad channel?

When SendGrid Ads sends a list of emails to an ad channel, like Facebook for example, the emails are put through a process called hashing. This process allows the ad channel to determine whether there is a match on their side without knowing the specific email address.

In short, hashing starts with a piece of information, like an email address, and applies a formula that turns it the information into series of characters (commonly called a string). This string of characters is what actually gets sent to the ad channel. The ad channel then matches that string to their list of hashed email addresses.

The key detail on the hashing process is that while it is easy to turn an email address into a string, it is nearly mathematically impossible to turn the string back into the email address.

Consider this type of case with Facebook. While most companies capture the business email of their customers, most people enter their personal email address into a social network like Facebook. This makes it potentially difficult for Facebook to match an email list with people on their network.

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