Let’s say you have a sale coming up that you are looking to promote it with your customers. It’s one of your biggest sales of the year, and you want to make sure your customers don’t miss it. Use SendGrid Ads to communicate with your customers outside of the inbox and prime them to purchase.

Before The Sale Starts

Get your customers excited about the upcoming sale so they’ll be ready to buy when it starts. Use your customer email list to find those customers on Facebook and Instagram, and then serve them ads to let them know the sale is coming. 

This is a perfect opportunity to entice them with what your offer is going to be.

Customers Who Missed Opening Your Sale Email

Your customers likely get a lot of email, and sometimes emails fall through the cracks. It happens to the best of us. In that case, target those customers who haven’t opened your sale announcement email with a tailored ad to make sure they know the sale is on.

With SendGrid Ads, if your customer opens your sale email, they will automatically stop getting sent ads as if they hadn’t opened the email.

Customers Who Opened Your Sale Email But Didn’t Go To Your Site

Everyone is busy, and your customers might not have been in the mindset to buy your amazing offer right then. Maybe they were preparing dinner for theirs kids, or perhaps they were at a client dinner.

Give them the opportunity to take advantage of your sale by serving them an ad that tells them the sale is still going on, or even better, that it’s ending soon and they don’t want to miss it.

Every one of your marketing campaign email can be supported by SendGrid Ads. Don’t miss a chance to increase your ROI from your communication!

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