Thanks for finding your way over here! Below is a little taste of the features we are working on for the next pilot.

Retarget your email recipients

We want to make it easier for you to retarget your email recipients using display ads with our powerful email retargeting.

In our next pilot, there will be several ways for you to re-engage with your existing email recipients. 

First, you can retarget email recipients with one of your contact lists from an existing Marketing Campaigns  list, or use an uploaded .csv file.  

In addition, you can retarget your customers based on how they have engaged with your marketing or transactional emails. 

SendGrid Labs will seamlessly create audiences for you to retarget such as: 

  • Anyone who has ever received a transactional email with the category "Invitation Message"
  • Anyone who has ever clicked a marketing email from your "Welcome Series" category
  • Anyone who has ever unsubscribed from your transactional emails 

It's that easy!

We are working to make this ready for you. If you're interested, let us know!

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