We're excited about your consideration to participate in the Lab. Our goal is to be consistently testing new ideas to transform how you communicate and engage with your customers. Your input and involvement ensure we craft solutions that will make a difference to your business.

Entering the Lab
To find the Lab, locate the Experiments tab in your SendGrid account navigation panel. Clicking this will take you into the Lab. The experiments, pilots and other information available in the Lab is considered confidential to authorized SendGrid customers, as a result you will need to agree to our terms of service before access is granted.

Participating in research
If you're interested in one of our experiments, simply let us know by clicking the "Notify Me" button associated with any experiment.

Once you do, we'll reach out to you with opportunities to participate in upcoming research and pilot testing.

Joining a Pilot
If you've been selected to join a new or ongoing pilot you'll see a new button labeled "Launch". If you do, this is your lucky day. Clicking the Launch button will take you to the pilot where you'll be one of the first to experience new products as well as have the opportunity to work first hand with our team.

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