Emails we store

Your contact list is the centralized hub where we store your contact data. When you set up a SendGrid Multichannel Prospecting Ads account, we automatically import all of your Marketing Campaigns emails, as well as the lists into which you've organized them.

At that point, we also begin to capture the email addresses of anyone to whom you send a transactional email over our API.

You can also upload emails to this list via CSV.

Email de-duplication

Any emails added to our Contact List get automatically deduplicated to keep things clean and organized.

Creating 'lookalike' or 'similar audience' campaigns

We can send any of these these emails over to Facebook, Google or Instagram, and tell them to identify new people on their platforms who have similar profiles to those email addresses. Get creative with the emails you choose!

Retrieving emails from 'lead generation ads'

When you select the 'Grow my email list' goal, we send out ads that have an email capture form embedded in them. If someone signs up for your email list via this ad form, we automatically import that email into our Contact List. Additionally, we send it to Marketing Campaigns and label it with 'Facebook Leads' so that you can send them a follow-up email!

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